InTwos is a Toronto-based band that blends a fusion of styles in soulful Christian music. Christ is the heart of what we do and we groove by grace.

Members: Shari Graf (vocals), Fabian Fraser (vocals), Alex Brilliantes (lead guitar), Andrea Gunraj (bass), Sebastian Jauregui Ortiz (drums)

It takes no more than two people in prayer and fellowship to enjoy the presence of God. In the same way, InTwos is a Toronto-based band that basks in Christ’s grace in a big way to make soulful and worshipful music.

Our band began in 2012 and discovered that “click” only musicians who love the Lord and have a knack for soulful fusion can experience. Each member brings their own background to the group – Shari, strong improvisational skills and professional jazzy-pop vocals; Fabian, powerhouse R&B and gospel music vocal stylings; Sebastian, a passion for metal/rock percussion with a hint of Latin vibes; Andrea, classical piano training transferred to bass and over a decade of choir direction; and Alex, a history of dynamic lead guitar with an affinity for engaging solos.

InTwos launched into developing our own original songs as well as remakes of modern worship choruses and traditional hymns with a sparkling rhythmic top and funky bottom end. We blend styles like rock, funk, soul, R&B, gospel, jazz and pop to create listenable, worship-filled music. Whatever pieces we’re inspired to create or reinterpret, a singular message remains true: we groove by God’s good grace to honour Christ and bless fellow worshippers.

2015 stands as a pivotal year for InTwos. Our goal is to grow our reach and connect with like-minded people and church congregations, engaging new communities who love unique music about our God. We encourage you to connect with us today and jump into our joyful, gospel-focused groove.

Worship with you

“I am so glad to have InTwos play at the benefit concert hosted at my church, as they were simply spectacular! Their mix on different styles of music for a take on gospel inspired music was unbelievable … Anyone who attended definitely felt a little closer to God after taking in this concert.” (Shawn Watts, Food Drive Project Manager, Weston Park Baptist Church)

“It was such a treat and a pleasure to listen to your unique renditions of soulful Christian songs.” (Organizer, Word for the World Christian Fellowship)

Get in touch with us – we’d love to discuss how we can serve you at your service, event or fundraiser.

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